Unlike many other education organisations, our instructors are not just passing on material from textbooks and academic papers, they are sharing their first-hand experiences and practical knowledge.

Our instructors will guide their students to understand just what drives the renewable industry - the organisations… the tools… and the people. We help our students to understand the practical management processes and decisions needed while putting the various pieces of offshore construction together, as well as helping them to grasp the consequences when work doesn’t go according to plan. We are not theoreticians or specialist academics. At our core, we are experienced Renewable Professionals with a desire to pass on knowledge to the next generation and help avoid the mistakes that we’ve witnessed during our own careers. This is what sets us apart from other colleges, the lessons learned from our own practical experience. Our aim is to break the traditional career advancement based on age or seniority to bring talented individuals with a desire to learn into the rapidly expanding field of Renewable Energy. 
Jeppe Sylvest Carstensen

Our instructors have extensive practical experience in:

  • Planning & survey

  • Procurement & Contract Management

  • Offshore Construction Management

  • Topsides & Structures

  • Seabed cable installation & burial

  • Offshore Operations, Repair & Maintenance

  • EPC Package Management

  • Risk & Interface Management

  • Maritime Technology & Management

We can quickly build on the limited experience of candidates providing them with the tools they need to make a significant contribution to the strategic planning, procurement, contract management, construction and maintenance phases encountered in renewable energy development.

Our instructors come from a wide range of offshore industry backgrounds including:

  • Procurement & Contract Management

  • Installation of submarine telecommunication & high voltage power cables

  • Subsea oil well maintenance

  • Deep water mooring installation

  • Remotely operated vehicle, autonomous underwater vehicle, and manned submarine operations

  • Geophysical and geotechnical surveying

  • Data processing and report compilation

  • Coastal, continental shelf and deep ocean operations.

  • Intertidal and shallow water operations