About this Workshop

  • All about the role of an Offshore Client Representative

  • How to become a successful OCR

  • What skills and background are needed?

  • What courses are available?

  • What is the job like and how many days are you at sea and on land?

  • What is the pay scale?

Your Instructor

Senior Instructor, RECOA Chris Weaver

Chris Weaver has more than 40 years of seagoing experience, since starting as a marine science student aboard a research vessel in the mid-1970s. His early career took him through the British Royal Navy as a seaman officer, later specializing as a hydrographic surveyor. He then worked on subsea projects for Shell, BP, Total, ENI, and other smaller oil & gas operators, before becoming a shipboard project manager for Alcatel Submarine Networks. Between 2006 and 2016 Chris was employed in various West African oil field projects, managing offshore construction and maintenance work in Cote d’Ivoire, Gabon, and Ghana during the winter, and power cable installation at various European offshore wind farms during the summer months. Chris became involved in training in 2014 when he designed the Renewables Offshore Client Representative course and presented it as classroom training in the UK over the following four years. He has a long association with Martin Schnoor Warming, founder of the Renewable Construction Academy, and they have worked together on various renewable projects since 2010.

Hear from our students

Howard O.

Graduate from RECOA

There is no such course or training to be a professional OCR in the world currently. This is the ONLY one. I wish that all OCR to be at least trained (like going thru this course) and be mentored by a senior who has completed this course/years infield as OCR. GWO should be approached (by RECOA) to endorse this course. I hope that this course will be the mandatory requirement for any Client to select a professional OCR to work in OWF in future !

Keith J.

OCR on an offshore project in Taiwan

"Even with my 30+ years in the subsea cables industry I still found this course very informative. The course content gave me a lot of knowledge to move positively forward into the next step in my career. I highly recommend this for anyone who has the background and looking to move into a client rep position in the future.”

Zhan-Zhao L.

HSE Coordinator at Vestas

“If I had this knowledge when I first entered the industry, it would definitely make me better at work. Although I have already worked in this industry for 2 years, the education still gave me some fundamental knowledge I didn’t know. Without hesitation, I can tell you this course will be the easiest way for you to gain knowledge about the offshore wind industry and the role as an Offshore Client Representative.”

Paul C.

OCR at Orsted

“Even coming from an engineering background - there is very rich and solid content in the study of this course. The sharing of actual cases in the course is also consistent with my current field experience, and which helps those who are new to the industry to gain fundamental knowledge; it also clears up doubts for those who already have some relevant experience. I recommend this Education Programme to anyone who wants to learn about the Offshore Wind Farm industry and take on a role as an OCR.”

How to Become a Successful Offshore Client Representative

15 March - 12:00 GMT / 13:00 CET / 20:00 Taiwan Time