RECOA is an e-learning academy and community providing renewable energy-centric courses for renewable industry professionals. We offer role-based education, where no education exists today. Our vision is to create a recognised educational standard for the industry for every role, together with global industry experts to address our industry’s skills shortage and to support the green transition.

  • A global e-learning academy & community tailored to and focused on renewable industry professionals

  • Role-based education, where no education exist today

  • Renewable energy-centric courses, as building blocks for a structured education standard

  • Co-development of high-quality content & training with industry leading specialists

Which education programmes do we provide?

All of our courses and education programmes are developed by industry leading experts, are based on case studies with real-life examples, and are engaging and interactive.

You can choose an online education programme to fit your needs and your career path.

You have the flexibility to attend our education programmes whenever and wherever you want.

  • Certificate at the end of the Education Programme

  • Access to the RECOA Professional Network

  • Continuously updated educational content

Core Values

  • Education Drives Change

    We believe that education is a powerful force for creating meaningful change. We are committed to providing industry-leading education and believe that in doing so, we can help drive cultural change and create a more sustainable world.

  • Excellence & Innovation

    We are committed to the highest standards and take pride in our high-quality and original educational content. We embrace innovation and are constantly striving to improve and develop new ways to educate and upskill individuals in highly scalable formats.

  • Collaboration

    We foster collaboration between individuals and organizations in the renewable energy industry, encouraging the sharing of knowledge, resources, and best practices.

  • Accessible and Inclusive

    We believe that education should be accessible to everyone, regardless of background or experience.

  • Diversity

    We celebrate diversity in all its forms and recognise the importance of different perspectives and experiences that benefit our industry.

Academy Partners

Together with our Academy Partners, the Renewable Construction Academy produces role-based educations for continuous professional development and improvement that is industry-centric and designed to upskill the workforce.

Every course and education programme at the Renewable Construction Academy is developed by an Academy Partner who is an expert in their field in renewable energy. Our Academy Partners are responsible for distilling years of knowledge in developing high-quality content within their field of expertise and the Renewable Construction Academy co-develops the courses and education programmes to ensure the highest educational quality. RECOA is continuously expanding our list of Academy Partners and industry specialists to co-develop high-quality education programmes previously unseen in the industry.

Interested in becoming an Academy Partner?
Our instructors will guide their students to understand just what drives the renewable industry - the organisations… the tools… and the people. We help our students to understand the practical management processes and decisions needed while putting the various pieces of offshore construction together, as well as help them grasp the consequences when work doesn’t go according to plan. We are not theoreticians or specialist academics. At our core, we are experienced Renewable Professionals with a desire to pass on knowledge to the next generation and help avoid the mistakes that we’ve witnessed during our own careers. This is what sets us apart from other training institutions, the lessons learned from our own practical experience. Our aim is to break the traditional career advancement based on age or seniority to bring talented individuals with a desire to learn into the rapidly expanding field of Renewable Energy. 

Our instructors have extensive practical experience in:

  • Planning & survey

  • Procurement & Contract Management

  • Offshore Construction Management

  • Topsides & Structures

  • Seabed cable installation & burial

  • Offshore Operations, Repair & Maintenance

  • EPC Package Management

  • Risk & Interface Management

  • Maritime Technology & Management

We can quickly build on the limited experience of candidates providing them with the tools they need to make a significant contribution to the strategic planning, procurement, contract management, construction and maintenance phases encountered in renewable energy development.

Our instructors come from a wide range of offshore industry backgrounds including:

  • Procurement & Contract Management

  • Installation of submarine telecommunication & high voltage power cables

  • Subsea oil well maintenance

  • Deep water mooring installation

  • Remotely operated vehicle, autonomous underwater vehicle, and manned submarine operations

  • Geophysical and geotechnical surveying

  • Data processing and report compilation

  • Coastal, continental shelf and deep ocean operations.

  • Intertidal and shallow water operations

Here are just some of our instructors…

Senior Instructor, RECOA Chris Weaver

Chris Weaver has more than 40 years of seagoing experience, since starting as a marine science student aboard a research vessel in the mid-1970s. His early career took him through the British Royal Navy as a seaman officer, later specializing as a hydrographic surveyor. He then worked on subsea projects for Shell, BP, Total, ENI, and other smaller oil & gas operators, before becoming a shipboard project manager for Alcatel Submarine Networks. Between 2006 and 2016 Chris was employed in various West African oil field projects, managing offshore construction and maintenance work in Cote d’Ivoire, Gabon, and Ghana during the winter, and power cable installation at various European offshore wind farms during the summer months. Chris became involved in training in 2014 when he designed the Renewables Offshore Client Representative course and presented it as classroom training in the UK over the following four years. He has a long association with Martin Schnoor Warming, founder of the Renewable Construction Academy, and they have worked together on various renewable projects since 2010.

Senior Instructor & Academy Partner, JUMBO Consulting Group Morten Søjborg

Morten Søjborg is an experienced offshore wind professional, having worked in the industry for more than 15 years. His educational background is in economics and law, and his career spans working as in-house and external counsel for both project developers and contractors, as well as acting as a procurement consultant and lead negotiator for multiple offshore wind projects. He has represented contractors, such as MT Højgaard and Vestas Offshore, and project developers, such as Ørsted and Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners, to name a few, and is a co-founder and partner in the international procurement and contract management consultancy, JUMBO Consulting Group. Morten knows the ins and outs of the procurement and contracting process within offshore wind, and as an instructor, he is looking to pass this knowledge on to students in a structured way. Morten's classes enable students to see procurement and contracting from the viewpoint of both project developers and the supply chain, as he strongly believes that successful projects result from a high degree of alignment and understanding between the parties regarding their roles, expectations, and obligations.

Founder & Senior Instructor, RECOA Martin Warming

Martin Schnoor Warming is the leading founder of the Renewable Construction Academy and in addition to his background as Master Mariner & Marine Engineer, has extensive Marine and Offshore construction experience from more than 15 years in maritime, oil & gas, and the renewable sector. Since 2008, he has been managing offshore wind/renewable projects, for cable installation contractors, survey companies, utility companies, and the market-leading offshore wind farm developers. For the last 10 years, he has been acting as a Senior Consultant in the offshore renewable industry, primarily in Subsea Cable Installation back in 2013; he started RE-CON MANAGEMENT, a supplier of management and consultancy services to the leading offshore wind developers and the insurance companies within offshore construction, subsea engineering, subsea cables, package, and project management. To this date, Martin has provided consultants and been involved in the design, engineering, construction, & survey of subsea power cable circuits supporting more than 10.800 MW offshore wind.

Some of our Clients

Strategic Partners

Together with our Strategic Partners, the Renewable Construction Academy works closely to drive the industry forward by implementing innovative strategies and initiatives.

We collaborate with the following Strategic Partners to develop and execute comprehensive strategies that align with our mission and vision. Our Strategic Partners play a vital role in shaping the future of the renewable energy industry where individuals, professionals, and organisations are empowered with the knowledge and skills necessary to enable them to excel in their careers and their projects, to drive the growth and sustainability of the offshore wind industry. Our goal is to raise the standard for the renewable energy industry.

Interested in becoming a Strategic Partner? Reach out to [email protected]