Here you can choose an online education programme to fit your needs and your current career path. You have the flexibility to attend our education programmes whenever and wherever you want.

  • Certificate at the end of the Education Programme

  • Access to the RECOA Professional Network

  • Additional educational content each month

Renewable online education

Tailored for those who want to improve their skills within a wide range of areas in this fast growing industry.

Our education and training platform will be extended with a wide array of online education programmes specifically designed for experienced personnel, and others suitable for newcomers to the industry. RECOA will soon provide live webinars and specialist RE-Talks covering a range of topics. You can sign-up for our newsletter if you want to be the first to hear about our new programmes, initiatives and updates.

About RECOA's OCR Programme

by Keith Jones

"Even with my 30+ years in the subsea cables industry I still found this course very informative. The course content gave me a lot of knowledge to move positively forward into the next step in my career. I highly recommend this for anyone who has the background and looking to move into a client rep position in the future."

About RECOA's OCR Programme

By Zhan-Zhao Lin

“If I had this knowledge when I first entered the industry, it would definitely make me better at work. Although I have already worked in this industry for 2 years, the education still gave me some fundamental knowledge I didn’t know. Without hesitation, I can tell you this course will be the easiest way for you to gain knowledge about the offshore wind industry and the role as an Offshore Client Representative.”

About RECOA's OCR Programme

By Tsung-Hsien Wu

"The OCR Education opens the door for you to gain extensive knowledge about working in the offshore renewable energy. This Education provides the offshore experience to those who have the eagerness to learn and grow. From day-to-day responsibilities and safety awareness to offshore operations and management, you can clearly benefit from this course and learn more about the offshore renewable energy. I highly recommend this course to anyone who would be interested to move one step forward to be involved in offshore renewable energy."

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