In this module we will cover:

  • Limitations when using the Offshore Worldwide Web

  • Choosing the correct communication method

  • The importance of detail and brevity

  • How data flow builds a long term picture

  • Importance of communication in management

Course curriculum

    1. A Message from the Instructor

    2. Introduction

    3. Glossary

    1. What Is Communication?

    2. A Brief History of Offshore Communication Methods

    3. The Legacy of Cable Laying

    4. Offshore Worldwide Web

    1. Offshore Communication Methods

    2. Lines of Communication

    3. Workplace Communication in Detail

    4. How Much Detail?

    5. Building a Long-Term Picture

    1. Principles of Good Communication in Management

    2. Common Issues with Communication in Management

    3. The Worksite Interface

    4. Two Important Proverbs

    1. Communication Saturation

    2. Pros and Cons of Various Communication Methods

    3. Practical Considerations for Voice Calls

    4. Conference Calls

    5. Handling Friction

    1. Setting the Scene - The Main Characters

    2. What Happened

    3. Timeline of Events

    4. Post-incident

About this course

  • 28 lessons