Join the premier industry-recognised course on Renewable Change Control Management

Introducing developers, contractors, suppliers, and potential change control managers to the fundamentals of change control management.

The course dives into the role of the Change Control Manager in a offshore wind project and is applicable to any renewable energy project. Working with change control management requires a good understanding of project management concepts, excellent communication and stakeholder facilitation, and the ability to be a trusted advisor to the Project Leadership Team.

Consequently, the RCCM course is designed to combine these elements and help understand the different requirements for a wide range of situations related to change control management in the renewable energy industry.

  • Topic: Renewable Change Control Management

  • Estimated study time: 3 hours of self-paced studies - To be completed within 12 weeks of enrolment.

  • Price: € 250 single payment

  • Language: English

  • LAUTEC Instructor:
    Satya Tanner - Senior Instructor

Learning Goals

When you have finished this course ...

  • Roles and Responsibilities

    You will gain a comprehensive understanding of what is required in change control management in different project roles, including the interface to stakeholders and the relation of change control to the broader organisation.

  • Change Control Cycle and Concepts

    You will understand the change control cycle and concepts that form the necessary knowledge for working on large-scale offshore projects.

  • Change Control through the Different Phases of a Project

    You will understand how change control changes throughout the different phases of a project.

Hear what our students have to say ...

"It was structured and it felt tailored to all levels of experience within the offshore wind industry"

James Hakim, PMO Analyst

The course and its contents were of great value to me; I praise it highly and will recommend it to colleagues and friends in the industry! It was structured and it felt tailored to all levels of experience within the offshore wind industry. I will be referring to the written content in the weeks to come while developing the CCP for the project I'm currently working on. It's been a great head start! Thank you RECOA.

Course curriculum

    1. Module Introduction

    2. Instructor Biography

    3. Please Take a Few Minutes to Answer the Following Questions

    1. Offshore Wind Farm Overview

    2. Offshore Wind Farm Lifecycle

    3. Atlantis Offshore Wind Farm Case Study

    4. Atlantis Offshore Wind Farm: WindGIS Tool

    5. Explore the WindGIS Tool

    6. Test Your Knowledge

    1. What Is the Meaning of the Term Change Control?

    2. Change Control as a Discipline

    3. How Does Change Control Management Contribute to Project Success?

    4. Why Do We Need Change Control?

    5. Chapter Summary

    6. Chapter 2 - Quiz

    1. Change Management in the Project Triangle

    2. The Fundamentals of the Project Triangle

    3. Definition of Scope, Time & Cost

    4. Test Your Knowledge

    5. Chapter Summary

    6. Chapter 3 - Quiz

    1. Introduction

    2. The PCC Model Overview

    3. Gates

    4. The PCC Model in the Offshore Wind Farm Lifecycle

    5. Test Your Knowledge

    6. Chapter Summary

    7. Chapter 4 - Quiz

    1. Introduction

    2. The Project as a Subset of the Broader Organisation

    3. Test Your Knowledge

    4. The Organisational Structure of the Project Organisation

    5. Change Control Governance in the Project Organisation

    6. Roles and Responsibilities of the Change Control Manager

    7. Reporting

    8. Chapter Summary

    9. Chapter 5 - Quiz

About this course

  • €249,00
  • 55 lessons

The RCCM Course is for you if you can say yes to at least one of the following ...

  • I have a desire to work on offshore projects in Design, Development, Manufacturing, or EPC roles with a Contractor, Project Developer, or a major component supplier.

  • I have been in similar roles in the oil and gas industry or on utility infrastructure projects.

  • I am a technical graduate who wants to start an offshore wind career in PMO/Project controls.

  • I am in another role and project change control forms part of my role.

  • I am a PMO/Project Controls professional with several years of practical experience in the industry, who wants to refresh my technical and theoretical knowledge.


Satya Tanner

Satya Tanner is an offshore wind professional with 8 years’ experience in the offshore wind industry in Denmark and Australia. Her career in offshore wind includes Head of department and project management related roles for Offshore wind developers and a wind turbine OEM. Her background includes 16 years as an aeronautical engineer and pilot in the Royal Australian Air Force as well as a variety of programme and project management roles across the Aerospace and Oil and Gas industries in Australia, USA, and Denmark. Satya’s specialist understanding in project controls, her experience across multiple industries and countries, and her expertise as a trainer ensures that this programme is rich with examples for you to learn from. Satya has a Bachelor of Engineering, Master of Training and Development and a Master of Leadership. She is a certified Project Management Professional through PMI and is a Chartered professional engineer with Engineers Australia.

Take a peek inside this course

About the Renewable Change Control Management Course

Change control on renewable projects plays a key role in the developer’s organization.  It requires setting up change control processes and governance, facilitating the process, running change control boards, and proactively ensuring that no changes from the original project budget, schedule, and scope are missed. 

When changes are not properly controlled on a project, they cost time money, and resources that can negatively affect project outcomes. In this course, we explore not only the theory but also case studies and examples.

General candidates for the RCCM course include those who interact with change control management on projects working for developers, contractors, and suppliers. This can include roles such as project managers, engineers, procurement specialists, and other project team members. 

Candidates for the RCCM role will either come from a technical background or have worked in large infrastructure projects and can quickly understand how changes might impact other stakeholders. They have excellent communication skills and help facilitate communication among stakeholders. They must be structured and organised in their approach, but also capable of applying wisdom to a given situation to ensure that change control remains practical and easy.

While framed from the perspective of a Renewable Change Control Manager, the content of this course is directly relevant for Developers as it will:

  1. Introduce them to the fundamentals of change control management.
  2. Provide insight into how the Renewable Change Control Manager role fits into a Developer organization's processes.
  3. Allow Developer's to infer the relationship between the Project Team and that of the Renewable Change Control Manager.

**These chapters are indirectly relevant to Joint Venture Partners, Contractors, and Suppliers as they provide a window into the structure of a Developer organisation and how their Project Team supports the Change Control process. By understanding the internal decision-making process, they can gather how to best engage with the Change Control process, anticipate the Developer's needs, and facilitate communication. 

What to Expect from this Specialist Course

This course focuses on general knowledge about change management as a discipline and the practical processes in offshore wind projects. It deep dives into the basic knowledge an RCCM needs to have but also into some of the skills that take an RCCM from average to excellent. The course is broken down into chapters with various content presentation methods and activities to assist your learning journey.

Rather than being a theory-only course, we give you many examples and work with scenarios that help you understand how RCCM skills are applied.

We aim to instil confidence in your understanding of how change control works in offshore wind projects.

The Renewable Change Control Management Course broadly covers:

  • Offshore wind farm fundamentals

  • Change control as a discipline

  • The project triangle

  • Change control in the project lifecycle

  • Change control in the project

  • Change control cycle and concepts

  • Change control stakeholders and interfaces

The education material includes:

  • Video

    In some of the videos the instructor will talk directly to you. In other videos you will be presented with relevant material while the instructor speaks in the background.

  • Illustrations

    Photographs are used to illustrate important parts of the education process. They will help you to visualise and identify the subjects presented by the instructor.

  • Audio

    An audio sound track together with text subtitles is provided for most modules. You have the option to hear or read the content of each module.

  • Text

    Some lessons are presented as text. Many of these are accompanied by pictures or videos. You also have the option to listen to the text lessons as an audio presentation.

  • Graphics

    The graphics that appear in the lessons are carefully selected to support the education material. A complex operation is often better represented as an animated graphic than as a verbal or text description.

  • Downloadable content

    Some of the learning material in this education will be downloadable. By downloading the material it become easier to access it, even when you are offline.