Renewable Contract Manager (RCM)

Join the first industry-recognised education programme for Renewable Contract Managers

  • Topic: Renewable Contract Manager - RECOA Fundamental Education

  • Estimated study time: 14 week programme (Part Time) - 45 hours of self paced studies + assignments.
    Education needs to be completed within 20 weeks of the enrolment.

  • Price: 3.950 € total

  • Language: English

  • JUMBO Consulting Group
    Morten Søjborg - CEO and Founding Partner
    Jennifer Poly - Director
    Jacob Thiesen - Senior Consultant
    Natalie Lawson - Senior Consultant

    Contributing Instructor:
    Ninna Ipsen - Senior Director

RECOA RCM Fundamental Education

The following modules are included

The RCM education is for you if you can say yes to at least one of the following...

  • I have a desire to work in offshore wind

  • I have been in similar contract or commercial roles in the oil and gas industry or construction industry

  • I am a graduate and want to start my offshore career

  • I am a professional with several years practical experience in the industry who wants to refresh my theoretical knowledge or transfer my role within the industry

Your Instructors

Senior Instructor & Academy Partner, JUMBO Consulting Group Jennifer Poly

Jennifer Poly is passionate about renewable energy and the environment. A solutions-oriented lawyer, she specializes in contract management within framework agreements, cable supply and installation, and turnkey export cable contracts for offshore wind projects. She has an international and varied background, having completed her education both in the United States and Europe, Jennifer has held positions in law firms as well as in house counsel and contract management with a major turnkey cable manufacturer. She has worked on several large offshore windfarm projects in the Europe and has experience with the nascent US Market. Jennifer accompanies and advises business partners to develop and implement the right innovative legal and commercial solutions for the company and its stakeholders. Her extensive experience within the industry has motivated her to increase knowledge in the market through the Renewable Contract Manager Education while at the same time being a part of JUMBO Consulting Group support team as Director of Contract Management.

Senior Instructor & Academy Partner, JUMBO Consulting Group Morten Søjborg

Morten Søjborg is an experienced offshore wind professional having worked in the industry for more than 15 years. His educational background is in economics and law, and his career spans working as in-house and external counsel for both project developers and contractors, as well as acting as a procurement consultant and lead negotiator for multiple offshore wind projects. He has represented contractors, such as MT Højgaard and Vestas Offshore, and project developers, such as Ørsted and Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners, to name a few, and is a co-founder and CEO in the international procurement and contract management consultancy, JUMBO Consulting Group. Morten knows the ins and outs of the procurement and contracting process within offshore wind. Being a strong believer in successful projects being a result of a high degree of alignment and understanding between the parties of their roles, expectations, and obligations, Morten is looking to pass his knowledge as an instructor in procurement and contracting from the viewpoint of both project developers and the supply chain on to the students in a structured way.

Contributing Instructor Natalie Lawson

Natalie Lawson is a Senior Consultant within the JUMBO Consulting Group with a legal degree from Scotland, and she has subsequently acquired a broad spectrum of legal and commercial experience from domestic and international organisations in Scotland, China and Denmark. Natalie worked in-house for MT Højgaard A/S including in their offshore wind department, where her role spanned an array of disciplines including procurement, contract management, warranty management and dispute resolution. Natalie enjoys learning, whether about different parts of a business, new technology or the people around her, and as such, the dynamic nature and scale of the Offshore Wind Indus try holds great appeal to her. Natalie strives to use this knowledge and insight to help develop solutions, as well as longstanding relationships.


Contributing Instructor & Academy Partner, JUMBO Consulting Group Jacob Thiesen

Jacob has more than 11 years’ experience working with Contract Management in offshore wind. He brings extensive experience with both the sourcing and post-signing execution side of his profession. Jacob comes from a business-education background and has worked for more than a decade with Ørsted on the very largest projects in the industry. Jacob has experience in sourcing processes from A-Z for many different scopes both on- and offshore: development of sourcing strategies, ITT, supplier selection, tendering, negotiations, evaluation and award. In many of these contracts, Jacob has also carried into execution until completion. Jacob is eager to combine his experiences from sourcing and contract management, and his deep knowledge about the offshore wind industry, to find the optimal and pragmatic solutions for any project he works on to ensure not only the best achievable contracts, but more importantly, the best possible final project.

Senior Instructor & Academy Partner, JUMBO Consulting Group Ninna Ipsen

Ninna is a senior competence with over 15 years’ experience in strategic sourcing, supply chain development, supply chain management and building a long-term sustainable supply chain. Ninna has wide cross-scope knowledge of developing complex global sourcing strategies, making and negotiating supplier contracts, focusing on all commercial areas within offshore wind technical packages, e.g. WTG’s, cables, foundations, substations, onshore civil engineering works and all offshore installation areas. Ninna has taken part of the transformation of Ørsted’s oil and gas to a company fueled by renewable energy and is currently employed by JUMBO Consulting Group as a Senior Director and Head of Procurement Management. She is passionate about creating a world that runs entirely on green energy, delivering on climate targets in green heavy industry business and utilizing capabilities across businesses and supply chains. To achieve this goal, Ninna hopes to pass her knowledge onto her students in support of the green transition.

Learning goals

  • Role

    You will know what is expected of you, be successful in your role and navigate an offshore wind project delivery organisation

  • Method

    You will have learned a structured way of working based on proven methods and tools in order to ensure optimal contract performance for both parties

  • Knowledge

    You will have obtained the distilled knowledge and lessons learned from industry leading specialists on contract management and be armed with practical guidance

About the RCM Education Programme

The Renewables Contract Manager (RCM) plays a key role in a project delivery organisation. The RCM manages contracts from cradle to grave ensuring that opportunities are seized, contractual obligations are met, and risks are properly identified and managed. A well-integrated RCM ensures both parties reach an optimal outcome during contract execution by establishing and ensuring clear communication and procedures are in place to assist the key stakeholders. The RCM should also work with its own organization to ensure the project is delivered as expected whilst managing and processing changes and amendments during contract execution.

Candidates for the RCM education may have been in a contract or commercial management role in a different industry, and this education will focus on refining their role to adapt to the new organisations and contracts found in renewables projects.   Candidates should expect to refine their procedures and processes for contract management, as well as learn new ones, and will also practice their preparation and change management skills.

What can you expect of this education?

The education is broken down into modules with each module being between 30 and 60 minutes with a focus on the Offshore Wind industry, as this is by far the most predominant and rapidly expanding industry. However, the content of the education is relevant across all technologies within the renewable energy industry.  The education is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of all of the skill sets necessary for a contract manager in the renewable energy industry.

The various sections of the education broadly cover: 

Introduction to Contract Management

- Introduction to Contract Management in the Renewable Energy Industry including Elements of an Offshore Wind Farm and the RECOA Contract Management Model

- Role and Responsibilities, Organisational Structures, Internal and External Stakeholders, Deliverables, Project Governance (Policy & Procedures, Decision Making Authority/Decision Making Procedures)

- Procurement to Contract: Procurement Strategy Concepts, Contract Fundamentals, Forms of Contracts used in the Offshore Wind Industry, Key Terms and Conditions, Obligation Split

- Handover including Handover from Procurement & The Contractual Environment, Contract Signing, and What does Contract Management Start

- Project Triangle: Scope, Time, Cost, The Purpose of Contract Manager

Contract Startup and Execution

- Understanding your contract including The Golden Rules of Contract Management, Contract Awareness, Typical Phases of Execution, Risk and Opportunities

- Preparation and Planning: Obligation Management/Registers, Communication, Commencement and Notifications, Securities, Milestones, Maturity Assessment

- Contract Execution I: Changes to a Contract, Forms and Templates, Administrative Requirements, Documentation & Review Period, Reporting 

- Contract Execution II: Other Risks, Value Engineering, Variations & Variations Instructions, Amendments, Claims, Payments

- Contract Execution III: Delay, Interfaces & Disruption, Loss & Damage, Force Majeure, Suspension

Completion and Post-Completion

- Contract Execution IV: Sectional Completion vs Completion, Liabilities and Caps, Indemnities and Insurance, Termination, Ancillary Obligations 

- Contract Execution V: Ownership, Interpretation Issues, Disputes & the Guiding Principles of Contract Management

- Final Completion & Close Out including Completion/Taking Over, Lessons Learned, Close Out Claims and Final Account / Statement (Certificate)

- Post Completion obligations, including Defect Liability, Performance Certificate, Background Law, IP/Confidentiality

The education material includes:

  • Video

    In some of the videos the instructor will talk directly to you. In other videos you will be presented with relevant material while the instructor speaks in the background.

  • Illustrations

    Photographs are used to illustrate important parts of the education process. They will help you to visualise and identify the subjects presented by the instructor.

  • Audio

    An audio sound track together with text subtitles is provided for most modules. You have the option to hear or read the content of each module.

  • Text

    Some lessons are presented as text. Many of these are accompanied by pictures or videos. You also have the option to listen to the text lessons as an audio presentation.

  • Graphics

    The graphics that appear in the lessons are carefully selected to support the education material. A complex operation is often better represented as an animated graphic than as a verbal or text description.

  • Downloadable content

    Some of the learning material in this education will be downloadable. By downloading the material it become easier to access it, even when you are offline.