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    By attending a RECOA education programme you will receive fundamental knowledge within a specific field of Renewable Energy to quickly enhance your career within this rapidly expanding industry.

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    With RECOA online education, you are not tied down to the opening times of a course provider. Our online training is available when you have the time and wherever you are as long as you have internet access...onshore or offshore, 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

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    Use the "easy-to-read" pdf documents to support your training program and take some of your studying offline if required. This will allow you to be best prepared to complete the online modules, where and when it suits you.

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Our Team Of Instructors

Co-Founder & Senior Instructor

Chris Weaver

Chris Weaver has more than 40 years of seagoing experience, since starting as a marine science student aboard a research vessel in the mid-1970s. His early career took him through the British Royal Navy as a seaman officer, later specialising as a hydrographic surveyor. He then worked on subsea projects for Shell, BP, Total, ENI, and other smaller oil & gas operators, before becoming a shipboard project manager for Alcatel Submarine Networks. Between 2006 and 2016 Chris was employed in various West African oil field projects, managing offshore construction and maintenance work in Cote d’Ivoire, Gabon, and Ghana during the winter, and power cable installation at various European offshore wind farms during the summer months. Chris became involved in training in 2014 when he designed the Renewables Offshore Client Representative course and presented it as classroom training in the UK over the following four years. He has a long association with Martin Schnoor Warming, founder of the Renewable Construction Academy, and they have worked together on various renewables projects since 2010.

Senior Instructor & Academy Partner, JUMBO Consulting Group

Morten Søjborg

Morten Søjborg is an experienced offshore wind professional having worked in the industry for more than 15 years. His educational background is in economics and law, and his career spans working as in-house and external counsel for both project developers and contractors, as well as acting as a procurement consultant and lead negotiator for multiple offshore wind projects. He has represented contractors, such as MT Højgaard and Vestas Offshore, and project developers, such as Ørsted and Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners, to name a few, and is a co-founder and CEO in the international procurement and contract management consultancy, JUMBO Consulting Group. Morten knows the ins and outs of the procurement and contracting process within offshore wind. Being a strong believer in successful projects being a result of a high degree of alignment and understanding between the parties of their roles, expectations, and obligations, Morten is looking to pass his knowledge as an instructor in procurement and contracting from the viewpoint of both project developers and the supply chain on to the students in a structured way.

Senior Instructor & Academy Partner, JUMBO Consulting Group

Jennifer Poly

Jennifer Poly is passionate about renewable energy and the environment. A solutions-oriented lawyer, she specializes in contract management within framework agreements, cable supply and installation, and turnkey export cable contracts for offshore wind projects. She has an international and varied background, having completed her education both in the United States and Europe, Jennifer has held positions in law firms as well as in house counsel and contract management with a major turnkey cable manufacturer. She has worked on several large offshore windfarm projects in the Europe and has experience with the nascent US Market. Jennifer accompanies and advises business partners to develop and implement the right innovative legal and commercial solutions for the company and its stakeholders. Her extensive experience within the industry has motivated her to increase knowledge in the market through the Renewable Contract Manager Education while at the same time being a part of JUMBO Consulting Group support team as Director of Contract Management.

Senior Instructor & Academy Partner, JUMBO Consulting Group

Ninna Ipsen

Ninna is a senior competence with over 15 years’ experience in strategic sourcing, supply chain development, supply chain management and building a long-term sustainable supply chain. Ninna has wide cross-scope knowledge of developing complex global sourcing strategies, making and negotiating supplier contracts, focusing on all commercial areas within offshore wind technical packages, e.g. WTG’s, cables, foundations, substations, onshore civil engineering works and all offshore installation areas. Ninna has taken part of the transformation of Ørsted’s oil and gas to a company fueled by renewable energy and is currently employed by JUMBO Consulting Group as a Senior Director and Head of Procurement Management. She is passionate about creating a world that runs entirely on green energy, delivering on climate targets in green heavy industry business and utilizing capabilities across businesses and supply chains. To achieve this goal, Ninna hopes to pass her knowledge onto her students in support of the green transition.

Founder & Senior Instructor

Martin Warming

Martin Schnoor Warming is the leading founder of Renewable Construction Academy and who in addition to his background as Master Mariner & Marine Engineer, has extensive Marine and Offshore construction experience from more than 15 years in maritime, oil & gas and the renewable sector. Since 2008, he has been managing offshore wind/renewable projects, both for cable Installation contractors, survey companies, utility companies and for the market-leading offshore wind farm developers. The last 10 years, he has been acting as a Senior Consultant in the Offshore Renewable Industry, primarily in Subsea Cable Installation and back in 2013; he started RE-CON MANAGEMENT, a supplier of management and consultancy services to the leading offshore wind developers and the insurance companies within offshore construction, subsea engineering, subsea cables, package and project management. To date Martin has provided consultants and been involved in the design, engineering, construction & survey of subsea power cable circuits supporting more than 3000 MW offshore wind.

Contributing Instructor & Academy Partner, JUMBO Consulting Group

Henrik Lenstrup

Henrik has more than 20 years of experience in procurement, negotiation, business development and contract management matters, both nationally and internationally, of which 10 years has been in the offshore wind industry. Henrik’s educational background is in business administration and commercial law. Henrik is a very experienced leader and specialist with in-depth and cross-scope knowledge of building complex global sourcing strategies, making and negotiating supplier contracts and having a focus on all commercial areas within offshore wind technical packages and in particular the offshore construction areas. Henrik’s key competences and main interests are within strategic sourcing, supply chain development, and building long-term supplier relations. Having worked as both business developer, sourcing specialist and leader allow Henrik to apply a wide range of approaches to diligently navigate and advise at all organizational levels providing a balanced and tailor-made approach ensuring that the parties make balanced, transparent, and informed decisions.